58 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in South Texas Stash House

58 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in South Texas Stash House

Police in McAllen discovered an alleged human stash house on Thursday and subsequently called in Border Patrol agents. Border Patrol spokesperson Danny Tirado confirmed to Breitbart Texas that 58 of the 60 individuals found were illegal immigrants.  

Tirado told Breitbart Texas that the 58 immigrants are citizens of various countries including Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico. The other two individuals apprehended at the scene, both suspected smugglers, are United States citizens.

The McAllen Monitor reported that after Border Patrol left the scene, the alleged stash house was left in shambles. The home was reportedly unfurnished, but clothing and other random items could be seen on the floor through windows. 

The house is located on Whitewing Avenue in McAllen, according to local reports. 

Tirado said he does not know which government departments, specifically, will be investigating this case. He pointed out that these kinds of cases are normally turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Breitbart Texas made multiple attempts to reach a spokesperson from McAllen Police Department by phone; those calls were not immediately returned.

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