Texas 'Patriots for Freedom' Rally Draws Hundreds

Texas 'Patriots for Freedom' Rally Draws Hundreds

MARTINDALE, TEXAS–Hundreds of Texas patriots streamed in throughout the day to hear a solid line-up of conservative speakers at the “Patriots Rally for Freedom” event held near San Marcos on Saturday.  

Event organizer Linda Buckmaster said, “People streamed in and out, all day long.  There were several hundred people at any given time and around one thousand total by the end of the event.”

Breitbart News provided video and photographic coverage and advance publicity about the event via Breitbart TV and Breitbart Texas media coverage.

Wayne Dupree told the group of patriots, “We came because we want to help keep Texas red. We want to support you good people. You are not alone and we are all the same, Americans. It’s just sad that some don’t realize that yet. We all bleed red, white and blue.”

“Here in 2014,” Dupree continued, “we as a nation are being frustrated to the maximum with job loss, culture change, government intrusion, attack on religion and schools and lawless government officials. We also have a mainstream media showing its take being Kool-Aid cup bearers for an agenda tearing our country apart” Dupree continued.

“Texas you are the front-line. You are Texas’ 38,” Dupree said referring to the 38 electoral votes of Texas, a common thread throughout the day. “I love Texas because you are a proud state. You sense of Americana is strong. You are very independent and to top it all your love of God is huge!”

Dupree’s co-host Stacy Rush talked about the mainstream media and their attempts to change the culture of America to a much more liberal standard. She countered them stating, “But Andrew Breitbart changed that forever when he decided he enjoyed being hated a whole lot more than he enjoyed being liked and decided his mission would be to take the media head on, destructing the old and making way for the new media.  New media that would not sell you sensationalism in sound bites but will tell you the facts allowing you to decide for yourself.  The new media like Breitbart, Truth Revolt, Tea Party News Network, and The Wayne Dupree Show.”

“Andrew encouraged each of us,” Rush continued “to become citizen journalists and expose corruption and truth and I challenge you to take not only Andrew Breitbart’s challenge but to take a cue from the President. Take up your pen and your phone and unleash your inner Breitbart. “

Author J.R. Martin, speaking about the American economy told the crowd, “The single biggest threat to our nation is our record trade deficits.”

“Most Americans,” Martin explained, “are totally unaware of this. These record trade deficits have been created by so-called ‘free trade’.”  Martin said that America must correct this problem, which began in 1975 when current trade deficits began. “Our political leaders in Washington like to talk about the ‘race to the bottom,’ well I have news for them – the race is over and we won!”

Alice Linahan spoke passionately about primary school education in Texas. Linahan has been fighting against CSCOPE and Common Core being used in Texas schools. She has created a program for parents called “Can I See” (CanISee™). 

Linahan talked about two Texas Ethics Commission complaints that were filed against her by State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff. Both of the complaints where Ratliff claimed Linahan was an unregistered “paid lobbyist” were dismissed by the Commission. Linahan stated that Ratliff was, however, “a paid lobbyist for Microsoft.”

She said the problem with his complaints were, “No one is paying me.  I am just a ticked off Mom fighting for my children.” 

“What is the organizing that we are doing across the state and across the country that people like SBOE/Microsoft Lobbyist Thomas Ratliff are so afraid of,” Linahan asked. “We are not depending on elected officials to fix the issue of the Common Core philosophy of education pouring into all of our schools- private, public or charter we are calling on all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and tax payers to go into the schools and ask three questions. CanISee™ what you are teaching my child? CanISee™ how you are teaching my child? CanISee™ who is benefiting financially from the curriculum my child’s teacher is being evaluated under?”

Former Texas U.S. Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall spoke about his race against Sen. John Cornyn and the experiences he gained. He also offered to all of the political groups present, to come to their groups and present his “Saving Texas” plan.

Blogger Jeff Rakestraw spoke about liberty and the integral role the 2nd Amendment plays in defending liberty. “I have traveled all over the great state of Texas and have also spent time across the border in Mexico,” Rakestraw began. “As you know Mexico is a gun-free zone, and when you cross the border there are prominent signs letting you know guns are not welcome there.  And yet, I have often looked from El Paso into Juarez and been very happy to be on the Texas side, where guns are legal and I was safe from the terrible gun violence in Mexico. “

Speaking about the types of weapons Americans should be allowed to own under the Constitution, Rakestraw said, “The answer to how much do you need to protect yourself depends upon the threat you face.  A thief or rapist presents one threat, and an armed SWAT team presents quite another.  Your right to use force to defend your right to life, liberty, and property is proportional to the threat.  An AR-15 may be the very minimum you need given the buildup of arms by agencies that do not travel overseas to face foreign armies.”

“The Founders were very clear,” Rakestraw concluded, “that the time will come when the people will need to protect themselves from their government. Let’s hope that an armed citizenry is enough to deter government from outright tyranny.”

Many other speeches moved the audience throughout the day.

Towards the end of the event, event organizer Linda Buckmaster and emcee Ken Crow invited all of the veterans from the audience onto the stage and had them introduce themselves and their military affiliation. While the veterans were still on stage, Krista Branch honored them with her new hit music video, “Foreign Land“.

As the sun began to set on the day’s event, Branch and country singer, Clifton Jansky concluded the event with a duet rendition of “Fly Away.”

Tea Party Community, co-founder, Ken Crow, entertained the crowd and navigated through the long list of speakers, serving as the event’s emcee. Speakers included: Derrick Wilburn, founder of American Conservatives of Color; Andy Mangione, VP of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC); Kristin Held, M.D., co-founder of AmericanDoctors4Truth.com; Sharia law-trained lawyer and author of New Jihadists & Islam, Daniel Akbari; Women on the Wall, co-founder, Alice Linahan; former U.S. Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall; Jason Ravnsborg, Republican Primary candidate for the U.S. Senate from South Dakota; Maria Espinoza, Remembrance Project co-founder; South Texas Alliance for Progress, president, George Rodriguez, Selling U.S. Out author J.R. Martin; popular radio talk show host Wayne Dupree and two of his co-hosts, Stacy Rush and Alyssa Krumm; Joseph Miller, Dallas Regional Coordinator, Heritage Action for America; Mike Hasson, Texas Director, Americans for Prosperity; blogger, Jeff Rakestray; and Curse the Moon – Cold War Rising author Lee Jackson.

Musical entertainment was provided throughout the day from Christian County Music singer and songwriter Clifton Jansky and a lady described by the Huffington Post as the “American Idol reject,” Krista Branch.  Branch became a TEA Party favorite in 2010 when her video hit, “I Am America” was named as the theme song for the rising conservative movement.

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