Texas Deputy Constable Attacked in Corpus Christi, Dies from Injuries

Texas Deputy Constable Attacked in Corpus Christi, Dies from Injuries

Maverick County Deputy Constable Jose Blanco of Eagle Pass, Texas, died on March 17 after being attacked during an off-duty trip to Corpus Christi, according to recent local reports. According to the Corpus Christi Police Department, the killer remains unknown.

Deputy Blanco sustained a serious head injury as a result of the attack, according to the Associated Press. On March 16, the 41-year-old constable called police and told them he needed immediate medical attention. Local TV reports also state that Blanco said he was also robbed in Corpus Christi’s downtown area. It is unclear, however, if he was robbed after or before the attack. 

Officers found Blanco at 600 Water Street and transported him to Spohn Memorial Hospital, according to local reports.

Blanco passed away following day in the hospital, as a result of the head injury. 

According to the AP, some investigators believe the attack may have happened as early as March 15, but this has not been substantiated. The assailant is unknown at this time–no one has been arrested in relation to the case. 

The case is not being treated as a homicide as of now, but police have asked the public to turn over any information they may have regarding the incident, according to the AP. 

Calls into the CCPD by Breitbart Texas have confirmed no new leads in the open case.

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