Houston Man Admits Forcing Children into Sex Slavery for Profit

Houston Man Admits Forcing Children into Sex Slavery for Profit

22-year-old Tevon Harris, also known as “Da Kidd” and “King Kidd,” admitted to sex trafficking charges including minors. The Houston man faces 10 years to life in prison, as well as a hefty fine, according to the FBI.

According to a criminal indictment obtained by Breitbart Texas, in 2012 Harris used force to make several underage girls, two of whom were 14, engage in sex acts for money–he then kept all of the proceeds. Harris forced the minors to cooperate through “force, threats of force, fraud, and coercion.”  

The 22-year-old would attract “clients” by posting photos of the minors online in prostitution advertisements.

Harris was reportedly highly abusive. An FBI report stated that one of his victims was not given food for four consecutive days as punishment for unsatisfactory sexual performances. Another girl was badly beaten with a towel rack when Harris discovered her using a cell phone to call for help. 

The FBI said that Harris met the minors online and promised them that he would help them become models. Once he was able to meet the girls in person, he drove them to various motels to have sex with him and other men. The report added that Harris took away the girls’ cell phones so that they could not report the abuse. 

Harris’ sentencing is set for July 7, 2014, according to the FBI report. He will remain in custody until that time. If Harris is ever released from prison, he will be forced to register as a sex offender. 

This case is just the latest in a string of child sex trafficking cases to plague Texas. 

In March, Breitbart Texas reported on 20-year-old Amber Doak of San Antonio, who pled guilty in federal court on to one count of sex trafficking a 15-year-old female. Doak admitted that she took photos of the teen victim at a hotel and then posted them online in order to advertise the 15-year-old’s “services.” The 20-year-old would then drive the teen to men’s houses to perform sex acts for money. Doak and several other defendants kept the profits. 

Doak, who remains in federal custody, could spend 10 years to life in prison for her now admitted-to crime.

Harris Indictment by BreitbartTexas

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