Texas Alleged Attempted Wal-Mart Bomber Collared

Texas Alleged Attempted Wal-Mart Bomber Collared

HOUSTON, TEXAS–A man from Sugarland, Texas was arrested after an alleged bomb threat at the Kemah Wal-Mart over Easter weekend, according to a report from KHOU. Police say they arrested Mehrzad Malekzadeh, a 35-year-old male from an affluent Houston suburb, for carrying “unknown devices” attached to his body. 

Employees and customers of the Wal-Mart were locked inside during the bomb scare. The incident started at 9am. For safety concerns, customers were kept locked down in the store until after 2pm. 

Kemah Police Chief Greg Rickard says police first responded to the scene after hearing reports of a suspicious man carrying a knife and wearing a mask had been seen near the premises. Bomb squads from various nearby police agencies were also called to the scene to assist.

Police say they found several “unknown devices” attached to Malekzadeh when they arrested him. 

This is not Malekzadeh’s first brush with the law. According to KPRC-TV, he was arrested back in 2012 for trespassing on railroad property near Hempstead Highway and 12th Street in Houston. Officers said when they found him he claimed he was burying orgone, near metal towers so he could “change negative energy into positive energy” in preparation for December 21, 2012–the day some had claimed that the Mayan calendar predicted the world would end. 

According to most dictionaries, orgone is a supposed sexual energy or life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored (in an orgone box) for therapeutic use.

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