Growling Naked Man Harasses Citizens in Houston Public Park

Growling Naked Man Harasses Citizens in Houston Public Park

A growling naked man recently caused havoc and harassed citizens at Hermann Park in Houston, a Houston Police Department (HPD) spokeswoman informed Breitbart Texas. It is likely that the suspect will face no charges for his actions. 

The man, whose name has not been released, allegedly stripped his clothing off one item at a time. The HPD spokesperson said the man’s girlfriend told investigators that he had taken drugs before the incident occurred. The girlfriend did not specify what drugs were supposedly ingested. 

Local media outlet KPRC spoke with Sommer Rios, a woman present in the park at the time of the incident. Rios reportedly has a 4-year-old son, who was also at Hermann Park that day. 

Rios said that the man “started taking his clothes off one item at a time. He just got completely naked…I just think he was crazy or on something because he was not acting normal.”

The man then started to growl, apparently. Rios claimed the man ran after her son, pushing another woman down in the process. She said her son had to run into the street to avoid contact with the man.

“My worst fear was him getting hit [by a car],” Rios told KPRC. “I kept screaming for him to come back. When I [had] seen my son going towards the road, that was it.”

The HPD spokesperson said that eventually an officer arrived on the scene and apprehended the man. He has since been transported to Ben Taub hospital for mental health treatment. 

“At this point the suspect is not been charged with anything,” the spokeswoman told Breitbart Texas. “He didn’t harm anybody, so there would be nobody to press charges, really. There are city ordinances against those types of [naked] activities but it is up to the District Attorney to take up any charges. In this case he was detained and transported for additional treatment.”

She added that cases like this, involving public nudity, are “very unusual” in Houston. 

As for Rios, she remains disturbed by the incident. 

“[My son] slept with us last night,” she told KRPC. “He keeps asking, ‘Why was that man chasing me?’ There were thousands of kids out there, they don’t need to see that.”

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