Texas Profile: 'Texas Sparkle' Kathleen McKinley

Texas Profile: 'Texas Sparkle' Kathleen McKinley

Sundays on Breitbart Texas features interviews with key political figures and other newsmakers from across the Lone Star State.  This week’s feature shines brightly on Houston Chronicle Blogger, Kathleen McKinley and her conservative political news blog, Texas Sparkle.

Texas Sparkle has become a regular conservative fixture on what is for the most part considered a very left of center newspaper, the Houston Chronicle.  Kathleen McKinley grew up in a political family.  Her father was a Mississippi State Senator and as a young lady she came to know the ins and outs of politics.  After taking a break to raise her children, McKinley decided to get politically active again after the tragic event of 9/11.  Blogging was just emerging as a new political news force and she decided to create her blog to counter the negative image of conservatives and Republicans as portrayed by the mainstream media.  And thus, her first blog, Right-Wing Sparkle was born. 

“I called it that,” McKinley explained, “because I felt the term right-wing was being demonized. I wanted to show that this was right-wing.  Someone who is a wife and mother, who cares about her community, does volunteer work and cares about the poor.”

McKinley described how the Houston Chronicle and many other newspapers across the country began to pick up her articles and publish them.  “It was such a shock,” she said. “Here I am, a stay-at-home Texas mom and I would find my stories on the Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today sometimes, and it was just crazy.”

The Chronicle asked her if she would like to become a featured blogger thus Texas Sparkle became a regular feature of that news organization.

McKinley described one of her favorite stories that she wrote many years ago. “One of the things that is a driving force in my writing,” McKinley explained, “is attracting minorities into the GOP.  I grew up in the civil rights movement and it is very important to me.  Everything that happened back then.  I wrote a piece called ‘Black History, My History, Arms Open Wide.”

Watch the full video below to learn why this was her favorite story and the advice she gives for people who would consider writing to express their own political views and news.

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