Texas Police Seeking Man Who Goes Poo on Houston Lawns

Texas Police Seeking Man Who Goes Poo on Houston Lawns

A man has reportedly been going to the bathroom on the yards of residents in the Woodland Heights area of Houston. He has defecated in some yards as many as six times, according to local media outlet KPRC

Neighbors are apparently anxious for law enforcement to catch the man because they are tired of cleaning up his messes. 

Patrick Reese, one Woodland Heights resident, told KPRC, “It’s definitely not a nice thing to do to people. Going to the bathroom in their driveway is not nice. That’s definitely not something that’s suppose to go on in polite society.”

Aimee Parson added, “This is our neighborhood. Whatever people think should go on around here — pooping is not okay. We don’t want dogs pooping in our yards why would we want a human?  It is very strange.”

As of right now, the man has not been caught or identified by officials. His image has, however, allegedly been captured on surveillance camera. One resident in the neighborhood put a camera in a tree after the man had hit his yard several times. The footage allegedly suggests that the suspect is a balding older man who has a mustache. 

The Precinct One Constable’s Office in Harris County, whose deputies are currently searching for the suspect, did not immediately return calls from Breitbart Texas.

KPRC reported that if caught, the man will face criminal mischief charges. 

This marks the second incident of this nature in Houston so far this year. 

In early May, Breitbart Texas reported on a naked man that caused havoc and harassed citizens at Hermann Park in Houston. The man, whose name has not been released, allegedly stripped his clothing off one item at a time in front of citizens in the park, which included children. 

A spokesperson with the Houston Police Department told Breitbart Texas the man’s girlfriend said he had taken drugs before the incident occurred. The girlfriend did not specify what drugs were supposedly ingested.

The man was eventually apprehended by officers and transported to Ben Taub hospital for mental health treatment.  He faces no charges at this time. 

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