Greg Abbott Slams Wendy Davis at Texas GOP Convention

Greg Abbott Slams Wendy Davis at Texas GOP Convention

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott held nothing back in front of a crowd at the Texas GOP Convention on Friday. “My opponent’s record is toxic to Texas,” Abbott said, referring to Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis.

Abbott told the crowd, “We love this state too much to let the next four years in Texas look like th last six years under President Obama. I refuse to let our children be condumed to live… [in a state] where government power overtakes individual freedom. I will not let them California our Texas!”

“Make no mistake,” he cautioned. “Barack Obama and his operatives have set their sight on Texas. Liberal elites have fawned over my opponent to make Texas [reflect] their image.”

Referring to liberal states like California and New York, Abbott said, “We’v e already seen that image. The president showed disdain for Texas values when he was at a San Francisco cocktail party and he belittled Americans who cling to guns and God. My opponent shares Obama’s mindset. She voted to restrict Second Amendment rights and said she would happily sign more gun restrictions into law.”

He said that after her abortion filibuster, Davis “said she is pro-life because she wants every child to have a better life. But for a child to have a better life a child must first have a chance at life. Texans value life, we trust in God, and Texans know the 10th and 2nd Amendments are not suggestions, they are guaranteed rights. My opponent even went to New York City and trashed Texans.”

“[Davis] didn’t just vote to raise taxes–she specifically targeted seniors and the disabled for higher taxes,” Abbott continued. “She supports Obama’s EPA war on Texas energy and she said she would expand ObamaCare in Texas. Her prescription for Texas is more government, my prescription is more freedom. You deserve a governor who will fight for that freedom, for your freedom, and who will fight for real Texas values. This election is about two very different visions for Texas.”

Abbott stressed that conservative policies will allow Texas to remain prosperous until its bicentennial. Education is key to securing a bright future for Texas, he said. 

Breitbart Texas’ calls to Wendy Davis’ campaign office were not immediately returned. 

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