Sex and Disease Reported at Border Facilities for Minors

Sex and Disease Reported at Border Facilities for Minors

Thousands of children migrants entering the U.S. illegally have completely overwhelmed federal resources and facilities. As a result, federal agents have had to resort to large facilities and housing centers where conditions are reportedly deteriorating. Apparently, sexual activity and diseases are becoming widespread at such facilities. 

According to Judicial Watch, many of the migrant children are sexually active teenagers. 

While many reports on the illegal immigrant minors refer to them as “kids,” most of the individuals at the housing facility are between the ages of 15 and 17.

Art Del Cueto, the Tucson Border Patrol Union president, told Judicial Watch, “They’re not all little kids. Some are 17 years old and they have possible ties to gang members yet they will be relocated in the U.S. with family.”

Diseases have reportedly been spreading at the processing facilities. As Breitbart Texas reported, several Texas Border Patrol agents contracted scabies from contact with detained minors. Other viruses such as chicken pox and staph infections are reportedly rampant in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley area, where more than 1,000 illegal immigrants are apprehended each day. Overcrowding in processing facilities has made it difficult to identify and quarantine infected detainees. Many are concerned that scabies and other illnesses may be passed onto the general public. 

The Obama Administration has seemingly refused to take any responsibility for the sudden tidal wave of illegal immigrants entering the United States. The White House has placed almost all blame on increasing violence in Central America. 

Many Republicans claim that the administration’s actions and rhetoric is partially to blame for the border crisis. Senator Ted Cruz recently told Breitbart Texas said the spike in children crossers is “a direct consequence of the presidents illegal actions. The parents think, ‘If I send my child [to the U.S.], my child will have amnesty.’ That’s what the president of the U.S. has said. It is the exact opposite of a humane approach to immigration or to securing our borders.”

Indeed, rumors of amnesty seem to be a significant contributing factor to the surge at the border. 

Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, a mother from Guatemala who crossed into the U.S. illegally with her 6-year-old daughter, told local media outlet KRGV that the message being spread in her home country is, “Go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away.”

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