Texas Speaker Joe Straus Refuses to Help Effort at Border Security Increase

Texas Speaker Joe Straus Refuses to Help Effort at Border Security Increase

HOUSTON, Texas–As thousands of illegal illegal immigrants continue to cross the Texas-Mexico border each day, U.S. resources are strained and overwhelmed. A letter–dated May 2, 2014–addressed to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, asks for increased law enforcement in border counties. Both Governor Rick Perry and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst have signed the letter–Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus, however, still has not signed it. 

As it has now been six weeks since Perry and Dewhurst signed the letter, it is unclear why Straus still has not.

Many are concerned that since border security is strained, U.S. citizens will be put at risk. As Border Patrol’s efforts appear to be focused on the flood of migrant children, it is easy to imagine that it is now easier for cartel members and criminals to make it across the border undetected. 

Additionally, Border Patrol agents told Breitbart Texas they are not screening the newly apprehended immigrants for diseases. Some of the migrants have already been diagnosed with scabies and other viruses–it is unknown how diseases are being quarantined and how they will be prevented from spreading to the general public. 

In the face of such threats, Joann Fleming–a Breitbart contributor, the two-term chair of the Texas Legislature’s Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee, and Executive Director of Grassroots America–has called upon TEA Party leaders and grassroots activists across Texas to immediately demand that Straus support the request for added law enforcement by signing the letter. 

“The southern border is now in full blown crisis with a steady flow of unaccompanied alien children, pregnant women, and young adults pouring across the border from Central America,” a press release by Fleming said. “While law enforcement is distracted with the women and children, other illegal border crossings have escalated. Our law enforcement is being overrun…Why is Joe Straus standing in the way of border security and resources for law enforcement?” 

Fleming laid out seven action steps that must be taken immediately by activists in the state. 

If Straus cannot be convinced to support added security, Fleming believes that “Governor Perry should assume his full executive authority, declare a law

See Fleming’s press release below: 

Border Crisis Call to Action

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