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Only 5 Border Bridge Protesters Show, Tie Up Law Enforcement

Only 5 Border Bridge Protesters Show, Tie Up Law Enforcement

HOUSTON, Texas — The protest calling for shutting down various ports of entry across the Texas-Mexico border appeared to be called off, when one of the event’s organizers claimed that the group had received cartel threats. Ultimately, only five individuals showed up to protest at the port of entry in Pharr, Texas. 

Ron Cupp, who referred to himself and the founder of the event, was present. Those protesting told Breitbart Texas that today their objective has changed from closing the port to seeing how many law enforcement officials and resources they can tie up watching them. 

Federal and local law enforcement was tied up for hours at the scene. A Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter that was assigned to Operation Strong Safety, Texas DPS personnel, and dozens of Pharr employees spent over two hours ensuring the safety of everyone present. 

Local officials told Breitbart Texas that they had advised the protesting individuals that if they block the road they will be arrested for a Class B misdemeanor. 

Breitbart Texas political contributor Bob Price was at the scene in Pharr. He said, “I was dismayed that people who are pledged to increasing border security would brag about taking resources away from border security.”

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