Owner Throws Pet Chihuahua at Man During Argument, Dog Dies

Owner Throws Pet Chihuahua at Man During Argument, Dog Dies

HOUSTON, Texas — A San Antonio man apparently used a chihuahua as a weapon, throwing the animal at another man during an argument. The dog died as a result of being thrown.

Soon after the dog died, its owner buried it across the street, according to Fox 29. But soon afterwards, the man reportedly returned to the scene, dug up the chihuahua’s body, and drove away. The suspect is now at large. 

The man threw the dog at David Wick during an argument last week around 3 a.m. Wick told Fox 29 that the dog bit his thumb. 

According to the local media outlet, Wick’s mother, who was nearby in her apartment building claimed that she “went up there and told him, ‘get off my son, get off my son,’ and he threw me backwards and broke part of my glasses and was verbally cussing at me.”

At this time, it is not clear what the argument was about. 

A neighbor, who heard the argument happen, told Fox 29 that the chihuahua’s neck snapped when it was thrown. The neighbor, Craig Gomez, claimed that the man threw the dog multiple times. He said, “In fact the first time he threw his dog, it got up and ran back to him and then he picked it up and threw it again.” 

Gomez reportedly added that the suspect appeared to be drunk. 

According to local media, the suspect will ultimately be charged with assault and animal cruelty. 

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