Desperate Davis Accidentally Retweets Young Republicans Photo

Desperate Davis Accidentally Retweets Young Republicans Photo

HOUSTON, Texas — Wendy Davis supporters are so desperate to show support among young voters they allegedly stole a photo of a group of Virginia College Republicans and claimed they voted for Davis. Davis then re-tweeted the photo and said “Go #GenWendy!”

The photo in question is actually a group of Virginia College Republicans who quickly called the wannabe Texas Governor on the false claim according to Bryan Preston at PJ Media. “Funny thing,” Preston wrote, “Wendy Davis has raised much of her campaign money outside Texas. Maybe her campaign staff think voters outside the state can make her governor?”


The tweet from @Lisa_in_Austin stated “My friends and I just voted for a candidate who stands for ALL Texans” It shows a picture of three young women and two young men. Alex Smith, @AlexandraCSmith, quickly threw the yellow penalty flag and showed the original photo of the members of her college Republican club who had been block-walking for two Virginia candidates as part of #OperationRedVA. “All out of support, Wendy?” Smith asked in her tweet.

Stefanie Petropoulos, @StefPetrop, then tweeted that she too had voted for Wendy Davis with some of her “friends.” The tweet includes a photo of the cast of the TV show “Friends.”


The Twitter account of @Lisa_in_Austin has since gone off-line according to Preston. A Google image search reveals a screenshot of the Twitter page of Lisa Murphy, @Lisa_in_Austin captured by the


“It kind of makes you wonder,” Preston mused, “Wendy Davis keeps tweeting photos of people that she claims are Texans who voted for her. But did they? Or are they purloined people like the young Republicans above?”

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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