Mexican Federal Police May Have Been Involved In the Disappearance of 43 Students

Mexican Federal Police May Have Been Involved In the Disappearance of 43 Students

Newly surfaced information in Mexico adds another twist to the story of 43 education students that were kidnapped by local police only to be executed by drug cartels, by pointing to Mexican federal authorities as being active participants in the massacre.

The claims made by Mexico’s Proceso Magazine with the assistance of the University of Berkley Investigative Reporting Program point to the active participation of the Mexican Federal Police and the complicity of the Mexican Military in the case.

The claim goes against the heavily reported version that Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office has released blaming the attack on a corrupt mayor who sent out the local police to keep the protesting students from ruining an event hosted by his wife, the cops then turned the students over to local cartel hitmen who executed the students and incinerated the bodies in a local landfill.

Mexican Federal Police had been monitoring the activity of the students along the way to the bus station from where they took the buses to the protests.

In addition to Proceso’s claim, professors with Mexico’s National Autonomous University -UNAM have released information contradicting the government’s claim that the bodies were burned in a landfill. According to UNAM’S Information the amount of wood and tires needed to fully incinerate the bodies would have left a massive amount of ash and metal fragments. Breitbart Texas had previously published a similar story showing the inconsistencies of the government’s claims.

In 1968 the Mexican government snipers executed as many as 300 protesters and arrested 1,300 others in an effort to suppress a series of student protests in the in Mexico City before the 1968 Olympics in what became known as the Tlatelolco massacre.

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