Pamela Geller: Muslims Trying to Restrict Free Speech in Texas

Pamela Geller Speech
Breitbart Texas - Lana Shadwick

GARLAND, Texas — Pamela Geller told a crowd of nearly one thousand protestors that “we’re living in an age where evil is good, and good is evil.” Her remarks came during a free speech rally staged to protest the “Follow the Prophet” assembly underway in a Garland Independent School District convention center.

She cautioned the audience to be careful with the mainstream media covering the event and the protest. “This is theater,” Geller said, “and the media is the director. They’re coming here to film a narrative. They’re coming here to make you look bad.”

Geller encouraged the group to speak their mind but to do so in a way that brought credit to the movement. “Never give them what they’re looking for,” she explained. “They want you to say something wrong. They want you to have a bad sign. Because that becomes the front page.”

She instructed the crowd on how to best define their role. “You have a role here,” she stated. “Your role is an educator. Your message is beautiful. So please, be beautiful. Each of you are beautiful. Act beautiful and be righteous.”

“Make the cause proud,” Geller challenged the group.

Geller closed by telling the crowd that they are soldiers in the battle for America. She reminded them that each of them should be their own media organization and encouraged them to use their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

She closed by leading the group in a chorus of “God Bless America.”

Before her speech, Geller spoke with Breitbart Texas about the day’s events in Garland. “I am overwhelmed by the turnout,” Geller exclaimed. “There are thousands of people here standing in defense of free speech.”

She explained that the Muslim leadership chose to have a conference here in Garland. She said they are trying to impose restrictions on free speech like they are doing in Paris. “Thousands of Americans said ‘no way!’”

“The media can smear us and the President can stand with them,” Geller said. “We the people are not having it. If there is any proof of that, it’s today. We dwarfed them.”

Bob Price is a senior political writer for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.



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