Texas Student Leaders Cite Multiculturalism as Reason Abbott Should Reject Campus Carry


With campus carry having passed the Texas legislature and now awaiting Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) signature, various university student body presidents are asking Abbott not to sign the bill that would allow law-abiding students to be armed for self-defense.

Their basis for this request is multiculturalism, and their conviction that student government “can address the needs of our students better than anyone else”- even needs related to “public safety.”

According to the Express-News, student body presidents from Rice University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Angelo State University, Trinity University, University of Houston, University of North Texas, Texas Tech University, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Texas, San Jacinto College, and Houston Community College are among those asking Governor Abbott to keep law-abiding students disarmed.

These students told Abbott that they tried to get legislators to keep law-abiding students disarmed, but the legislators passed Senate Bill 11 anyway. Now, they appeal to the Governor as the only one who can prevent campus carry from becoming law.

These students explained:

Our universities consist of individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths and ages. Because of our diverse communities, a unique culture and unique academic life exist at each of our institutions. As student body presidents, we know firsthand these unique cultures and can address the needs of our students better than anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to, the issue of public safety.

In February, Breitbart News reported that the UT student government (SG) voted to oppose Senate Bill 11, even as it was being considered by legislators. The SG voted 21 to 6 against it and cited “the overall safety of campus” as “one of the primary reasons.”

The UT SG also pointed out that campus carry would further reduce a university’s ability to keep law-abiding citizens disarmed. According to The Daily Texan, SG members said, “With the passing of SB 11 in the Texas Senate, the University would not be able to prohibit licensed students, faculty or staff from carrying concealed handguns on campus.”

On November 20, Florida State University (FSU) was attacked by a gunman who was not hindered by multiculturalism or stopped by members of student government. Breitbart News reported that a FSU student with a concealed carry permit was close enough to the gunman to shoot and stop the attack, but could not, because of a ban on law-abiding citizens being armed for self-defense on campus in that state.

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