Texas Polls Predict Sizable Cruz and Clinton Win in Texas

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The latest presidential primary polls predict sizable wins for Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton in Texas for Tuesday.

The average of five polls surveying the Texas Republican presidential primary has Cruz at 34.0 and Trump at 26.8 for overall averages.  Marco Rubio’s average among the polls is 18.2 percent, Kasich is at 7 percent, and Carson is at 5.4 percent.

In the Texas Democratic presidential primary, the average of seven polls has Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders almost 2-to-1 (59.9 to 33.6 percent).

The last survey among the five Republican Primary polls in the Real Clear Politics polls, the Monmouth poll, has Cruz far ahead with 38 percent.

Trump and Rubio are in a battle for second place with Trump at 23 percent, and Rubio at 21 percent. Monmouth has Kasich and Carson far behind at 5 and 6 percent respectively.

Among those polled by Monmouth, Cruz has 54 percent support among “very conservative” voters, and 37 percent support among “somewhat conservative” voters. While the Texas senator has only 10 percent support among moderates, the poll says that this group comprises just one-fifth of likely GOP voters.

The Monmouth poll reports that 44 percent of early voters in Texas who were polled (18 percent) checked Cruz’ name on their ballots. Of those that have not yet voted, 30 percent of likely Republican voters say they are completely decided on their candidate choice. Another 30 percent have a strong preference but are open to considering other candidates.

The same poll has Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead at 64 percent. Bernie Sanders polled at 30 percent. The Monmouth poll reports that Clinton currently enjoys solid leads among blacks (81 to 8) and Latino (68 to 32) voters, and also has an edge among white voters (54 to 40). She has a sizable lead among women (75 to 19), and a small lead among men (50 to 45). Clinton also leads among voters age 50 and over (75 to 20), and leads among those under the age of 50 (52 to 42).

The Austin American-Statesman poll for the Republican Primary also has Cruz at 38 percent. It polled New York based businessman Donald Trump at 26 percent. Florida Senator Rubio is at a more distant third than the Monmouth poll at 13 percent. This poll was conducted between February 19 and February 22. Kasich is at 7 and Carson is at 6 percent. Seven percent of those polled were unsure of who they would be voting for.

In the Austin newspaper poll, the number one reason given by Republicans for voting for their candidate was the “Ability to change Washington.” Thirty-six percent of those polled said this is how they selected their candidate. The “Ability to manage the economy” came in at 21 percent, and 12 percent said they chose their candidate based on their “Ability to win the general election.”

The Statesman poll for the Texas Democratic Primary has Clinton prevailing over Sanders 66 to 26 percent. Six percent of likely Democratic voters were unsure of who they would be voting for. The number one reason given for voting for their candidate was “Ability to manage the economy” (27 percent). The “Ability to manage social changes in the country” came in at 23 percent, and “Ability to win the general election” was 15 percent.

In the KTVT-CBS 11/Dixie Strategies poll conducted with 1,400 likely primary voters in Texas, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has increased his lead over Donald Trump. According to the poll taken on February 22, Cruz leads Trump by more than 8 percentage points. Cruz was leading Trump in late January by only 5 percentage points.

In the poll taken by the CBS affiliate from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, more than 33 percent of likely Republican voters say they will vote for Cruz. Almost 25 percent said they will vote for Trump. Rubio is in third place at 15 percent. More than thirteen percent of those polled among likely GOP voters say they are undecided. In an interesting twist, Trump leads in this poll among Republicans who identified themselves as “Someone/Very Liberal” at 31 percent.

The only polls among the Real Clear Politics polls that did not have Senator Cruz in a solid lead in his home state was the TEGNA/Survey USA poll and the Emerson poll. These two voter surveys have the candidates statistically tied.

The results of the Survey USA poll reports that Cruz and Trump are “effectively tied” and Rubio is in third place with half as much support. The same poll has Hillary Clinton besting Bernie Sanders 2-to-1.

The Emerson poll has Cruz with a lead of 29 percent over Trump at 28 percent. Senator Marco Rubio is at a closer 25 percent. It has Clinton over Sanders at 56 percent to 40 percent.

Overall, the five polls show that in the Lone Star State, Cruz is in a decisive lead over Trump at 34 percent to the New Yorker’s 26.8 percent. Clinton is pounding her opponent Socialist Bernie Sanders with a 2-to-1 lead.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2


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