3 Salvadoran Illegal Aliens Charged in Gang Rape of 3 Young Girls

Illegal Aliens Charged in Gang Rape in Indiana
Photo: Jasper County Sheriff's Office

Three illegal aliens from El Salvador have been charged in the gang rape of three young girls under the age of fourteen. The rapes allegedly occurred in Jasper County, Indiana.

Yontan Ramirez-Diaz, 20, Edwin Marquina-Valesquez, 26, and Melvin Ramirez-Morales, 20, allegedly picked up three young girls in neighboring White County and drove them to a motel located in Jasper County, Fox 59’s Kylee Wierks reported. The two counties are located northwest of Kokomo, Indiana.

Officials with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department said the men repeatedly raped and assaulted the girls for several hours in the motel room. The alleged assault continued for at least one of the young girls in the suspect’s car after they all left the motel.

The three illegal aliens were living in Monon, Indiana, in White County, according to a press release from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department published by the Jasper County News.

The Monon Town Marshal was called to a local school guidance counselor who reported the outcry statement from two of the girls who had been assaulted. The allegations were reported to Jasper County where the rapes allegedly took place and a criminal investigation began.

Law enforcement investigators from Jasper and White Counties along with the Monon Police Department worked together to gather evidence including video and forensics found at the motel. The girls had been taken to the Rensselaer Motel, the sheriff’s statement revealed. During the investigation, the third victim was identified. The investigation began on April 6.

By April 8, the detectives had identified the three El Salvadorian men as the suspects in the crime and began a multi-department search leading to their arrests.

Video evidence revealed a white Honda Civic the suspects were driving.

The search for the three men on April 8 lasted about six hours. All three suspects were found in different parts of the town of Monon. The white 2007 Honda Civic was also found and seized as evidence, the statement continued.

Indiana State Police Crime Scene Technicians also assisted the investigation by processing the motel room and the Honda.

While the investigation remains on-going, the three men are charged as follows:

Yonatan Ramirez-Diaz was charged with the following: Level 1 Felony – Sexual Misconduct with Minor by Force; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement with Victim under 14 Years of Age; and Level 6 Felony – Strangulation

Edwin Marquina-Valesquez was charged with the following; Level 1 Felony – Child Molesting Defendant is at least 21 Years of Age; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Victim is Unaware of Actions; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; and Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement, Victim under 14 Years of Age

Melvin Ramirez-Morales was charged with the following; Level 3 Felony – Child Molesting; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Victim is Unaware of Actions; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; and Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement Victim Under 14 Years of Age

Ramirez-Diaz and Marquina-Valesques are currently being held on $1,000,000.00 Surety or $100,000.00 Cash bond, the sheriff’s statement continues. Ramirez-Morales is being held on an $800,000.00 Surety or $80,000.00 Cash bond.

Further investigation of the men revealed they had entered the country illegally. ICE officials have placed a detainer on all three of the men.

In March, Breitbart News journalist Katie McHugh reported that Juan Manuel Razo Ramirez pleaded guilty to one count of rape, three counts of kidnapping, and two counts each of “aggravated murder, attempted murder, attempted rape, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and felonious assault after being allowed to remain in this country illegally. The rape and assaults occurred in Painesville, Ohio.

He had previously been arrested but immigration officials refused to deport the Mexican national because he did not fit into one of the few categories whereby the Obama Administration will allow deportation to occur.

McHugh reported:

U.S. border patrol agents refused to detain Razo after local police stopped him for a traffic violation, three weeks before the crime spree. Since he didn’t fit into the narrow group of illegal aliens the Obama administration announced it is willing to repatriate, Razo was free.

Now, after the attacks, the agency is willing to transfer the murderer back home. Khaalid Walls, the spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),  told ABC5 in July that “ICE [is] closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities to ensure the safe transfer of Mr. Juan Manuel Razo-Ramirez to ICE custody should he be released from criminal custody.”

But then, deporting criminal aliens does not mean anything because the border between the United States is not secure and criminal illegal aliens who are deported frequently return and commit more crimes.

On Tuesday, Breitbart Texas reported captured previously deported child sex offenders who were sneaking back into the U.S. One of the men, a 59-year-old from El Salvador, had been previously convicted of sexual assault of a child. The other was a 29-year-old Mexican who had been convicted of having sex with a minor.

Last week, Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick reported on a previously deported illegal alien was arrested after returning to the U.S. and killing a North Texas fire captain and two of his children in a car crash.

Also in March, Katie McHugh reported for Breitbart News about the capture of yet another previously deported illegal alien who had returned to the U.S. and murdered five Americans in Missouri. He had been deported to Mexico in 2004. ICE allowed the Mexican man to be released when they sent a detainer to the wrong jail and Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was released to go on another killing spree.

The Obama Administration released from custody almost 90,000 illegal aliens who officials categorized as “criminal threats” during FY 2015, Breitbart’s Caroline May reported. The Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughn reported that 88,000 criminal illegal aliens who were encountered by ICE officials were not placed into deportation proceedings. Additionally, many county jails wotj sanctuary policies release criminal illegal aliens who might be deportable.

In the meantime, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming bond amounts for illegal aliens are set too high, May also reported. The suit claims the federal government does not take into consideration the illegal alien’s ability to pay when setting the bond amount.

May quoted Center for Immigration Studies fellow Dan Cadman who wrote in a post on the CIS website, “There are already nearly a million aliens on the streets of America today who have absconded from proceedings. That’s right, nearly a million.”

“That is because many of them realize that losing whatever surety or collateral they put forward is cheap at the price if they can flee and stay hidden long enough,” Cadman continued. “Given a population of more-or-less 12 million illegal aliens — and a shrinking cadre of immigration officers hamstrung by absurdist rules imposed by an administration bent on destroying the fabric of our immigration control system (even as they declare it ‘broken,’ as if their hands were clean) — staying hidden is an easy enough thing to do.”

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