Having Sex While Driving Leads to Texas Car Crash, Say Police

Car Crash Sex
Photo: KRPC NBC2 Video Screenshot

HOUSTON, Texas – A Houston man has been ticketed after allegedly causing a car crash while having sex on the roadway.

Initially, the driver told police he was picking up his “lady friend,” KPRC NBC2 in Houston reported, when a man jumped into the back seat of his car. He said he was afraid of being shot and crashed into a truck.

Unfortunately for the driver, witnesses to the crash tell a different story. One witness said the driver and the woman in the car were having sex just moments before the crash.

“All of a sudden, he started acting really crazy and driving crazy. She took the wheel, tried to steer it, but they came to that red light and the truck was stopped and (they) rammed into the back of it,” the witness told KPRC’s Cathy Hernandez. “He got out the car, he started running around, rolling on the ground, hollering, ‘I didn’t do it! Justice!'”

The witness denied seeing a gunman but said the driver was not completely dressed. “He had a white shirt. A white undershirt with some boxers. That’s all he had on. No shoes. Nothing,” the witness explained. “Now that I think back on it, it’s really funny, but I hope all of those people are OK, though.

Another witness described the woman as “a prostitute wearing a wig,” Hernandez reported.

The woman involved in the alleged sexual encounter apparently fled the scene on a bus before police arrived on the scene.

A total of three vehicles were involved in the accident.

The alleged randy driver was ticketed for failure to control speed. The accident occurred at the end of rush hour on Wednesday morning at a busy Houston intersection.

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