Vicente Fox Calls for Negotiations with Drug Cartels

Vicente Fox Middle Finger to Cartel Victims
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Former Mexican President and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter Vicente Fox has publicly called for negotiations with the drug cartels that have brought terror to his country.

During a TV interview with Mexican journalist Carlos Marin, Fox said that negotiating with drug cartels would help slow down violence, get marijuana legalized and bring in tax revenue from the sale of drugs.

“It is a priority to come to an agreement with the criminals to get them to stop killing each other and killing our youth,” Fox said in Spanish.

According to the former president, negotiating with cartel members is not important if in the end “peace and harmony” can be achieved.

During his interview with Marin, Fox said that the drug issue was not one of violence and crime but a health problem.

“That is why my proposal has been to take the money,” Fox said. “That money when its legalized it becomes tax money and that money goes into the government’s coffers.”

Fox’s push for negotiating with drug cartels and legalizing marijuana comes just days after he publicly supported Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton calling her a “loving, tending caring mother.”

Breitbart News  previously reported on the verbal attacks by Fox towards presidential candidate Donald J. Trump including posing with a photograph giving him the middle finger.

That particular attack came just days after Fox apologized to Trump for his comments during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News and invited him to visit Mexico.

The comments made by Fox have rapidly earned him harsh criticism from Mexican citizens since as Breitbart Texas previously reported, the lack of a comprehensive security strategy by Fox during his term gave Mexican drug cartels six years to grow and expand with little to no opposition from authorities. The lack of action allowed drug cartels to develop and arm large armies of foot soldiers known for their ruthlessness such as the Los Zetas drug cartel.

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