Black Panther Cop-Killer Had ‘Devastating’ Amount of Explosives, Says Dallas Police Chief

Johnson home
AP Photo/LM Otero

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that Micah X. Johnson, the gunman who killed five Dallas-area police officers Thursday night, had enough explosives in his home to “have devastating effects throughout our city…”

Brown’s comments came Sunday morning during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper.  “We are convinced that this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous and believed that he was going to make law enforcement… and target law enforcement… and make us pay for what he sees as law enforcement’s effort to punish people of color,” Brown told Tapper.

“It appears that our search of the suspect’s home in Mesquite leads us to believe, based on evidence of bomb making materials and a journal, that this suspect had been practicing explosive detonations and that the materials were such that it was large enough to have devastating throughout our city and our north Texas area,” Chief Brown explained.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives carried out a search of Johnson’s home on Friday, Breitbart News reported. The agents carried out several bags of materials from the home in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite.

Tapper followed up by asking, “So he had been planning something before the rally and maybe even something before the deaths in Louisiana and Minnesota?”

“We believe so,” Brown responded. “And we believe that the death in Minnesota, and the death in Louisiana, just sparked his delusions to fast-track his plans and saw the protest in Dallas as an opportunity to begin wreaking havoc on our officers.”

The chief did not appear to want to go into specifics about what targets may have been in Johnson’s plans. “We are continuing to go through his laptop and his cell phone to figure out what other interactions, and who else he might have been interacting with.” He continued. “We still haven’t ruled out that whether or not others were complicit.”

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