Border Patrol Union Video Shows ‘an Assault’ Against Agents During Arrest

National Border Patrol Council
McAllen, TX

MCALLEN, Texas — The National Border Patrol Council is calling out a misleading video spread by social justice warriors claiming that agents were beating an illegal immigrant. The video purports to show the arrest of a combative subject who had just attacked, without provocation, an agent and a Texas State Trooper moments prior.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the controversy began when according to information provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, 27-year-old Jorge Luis Velez repeatedly rammed a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle. The attack caused the police vehicle to spin off the road with one agent and one Texas State Trooper inside.

Velez tried to flee the area but his vehicle stalled out and then began to fight with agents. By Friday evening, one Facebook post by Billy Alvarez Perez claimed that Border Patrol Agents were “beating up Mexicans”.

FB Video Post

The video posted by Alvarez Perez only shows the moment when one agent used a baton in an effort to subdue the man, however the short clip does not show the previous confrontations. Neither the post nor the video identify the man as the alleged attacker but instead claim the man is an illegal immigrant. The video has since been shared hundreds of times and posted on various other Facebook pages creating much controversy at the local level as social justice agitators began to criticize the agency.

On Sunday evening, the Local 3370 Chapter of the National Border Patrol Council released a longer video of the arrest that shows Velez fighting with agents while trying to evade capture.

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DISCLOSURE: Breitbart News sponsors the National Border Patrol Council’s radio program, The Green Line. Breitbart News previously covered the costs of a slain Border Patrol agent’s funeral. The National Border Patrol Council endorsed Donald Trump for President after the candidate vowed to give veteran Border Patrol agents a voice in what is needed to properly secure the U.S.-Mexico border.