Louisiana Voting Machine Logged Votes Before Poll Opened

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TANGIPAHOA PARISH, Louisiana – A voting machine in Louisiana reportedly counted votes at a polling site before any residents had even voted on the machine.

In the southeast region of Tangipahoa Parish, resident Brandon Allen filmed what he reported were votes being counted on a machine that had not been used yet by residents.

Allen wrote on his Facebook page “Here in Tangipahoa Parish I just witnessed a voting machine that they had to turn off and call the commissioner in because when it was powered it on this morning and already had votes on the machine for the Democratic Party.”

“I am posting the video to show that this is accurate information and I would say this is going to be the norm,” Allen wrote on Facebook. “I overheard the commissioner who was here so this was the fifth location he had go to this morning to correct this…….”

The man in the video can be heard asking two woman at the polling site if anyone had used the voting machine yet. The woman respond by saying that they had just turned the machine on and it already had ballots cast on it.

“Nobody voted here,” asked the man in the video.

“Nobody ever voted on this one,” the woman told the man, pointing to the voting machine, saying that the polling site workers had just activated the machine.

The man can be heard telling an individual on his phone “Nobody cast voted but when you activated it…”

“That’s when the numbers started showing up,” the woman said.

Breitbart Texas reported how Louisiana residents and voters across the country can report election fraud by using True the Vote’s app, VoteStand, which allows voters to report voting violations in real time using their iPhone or Android device.


The Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office told Breitbart Texas in a statement that the issue with a Louisiana voting machine, which reportedly had logged votes on it before residents had ever voted, has been resolved.

A spokeswoman with the Secretary of State’s Office said the voting machine confused poll workers when they noticed alleged votes cast on the device. However, after being investigated by the state, the spokeswoman said the issue was a matter of misunderstanding, as technical difficulties led poll workers to believe there were ballots cast on the machine.

Documented proof shows that no votes were on the device before it was activated by poll workers.

The spokeswoman also told Breitbart Texas that some 88 percent of the voting and election issues reported in the state have already been resolved.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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