Houston School Board Member: ‘Trump is Hitler 2.0!’

Jolanda Jones Twitter

“Trump is Hitler 2.0!” decried Jolanda Jones, the fiery and often outspoken Houston school board trustee, reality-TV personality, and attorney, claiming to express her opinion about the President-elect in a tweet.

The tweet links to a RawStory article about San Francisco Bay Area high school history teacher Frank Navarro who was temporarily suspended last week for comparing Donald Trump to the historically heinous Nazi German leader, Adolf Hitler, responsible for the deaths of at least 6 million Jews and an estimated 11 million total Europeans when factoring in the Holocaust’s non-Jewish victims, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

After her initial post, Jones, also featured on the reality-TV show Sisters-in-Law, followed up with a second tweet that links to her KHOU-TV news appearance and to her Facebook page.

On Facebook, the complete post reads:

Trump is Hitler 2.0! Don’t be surprised when really bad things happen. There r already more hate crimes than after 9/11. The racists r out in full force & effect since the election! The KKK is back & credit Trump with their resurgence.

On Wednesday, Jones told KHOU she has an obligation to stand up for her constituents who she believes will be disenfranchised by Donald Trump’s policies. She insisted her viewpoint is “absolutely not outlandish.” Jones alleged a parallel between the President-elect and Hitler. She called Hitler an anti-Semite who “ended up killing a whole bunch of people because he was racist.” Jones insisted: “Donald Trump is saying the exact same thing about Jews, about black people, about Mexicans, what’s the difference?”

Jones admitted she was outraged by the election results, and doesn’t care who knows. She plans to continue to speak out against what she perceives to be “racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and every other phobic you can find.”

She told KHOU her mission is to support her students. She claimed: “We had kids coming to school afraid that their parents would be deported, and they would come home and wouldn’t have families and would be by themselves.”

Richard Carranza, Houston ISD’s new superintendent, would not comment on trustee Jones’ tweets because he said he works for the district’s school board members. School board president Manuel Rodriguez also remained silent, according to KHOU.

Some parents called Jones’ opinions inappropriate, regardless of whether or not they agreed with her comments. Darren Rogers disagreed with Jones and told KHOU: “That’s just inciting riots or just inciting people. That’s bad taste, that’s really not democracy at it’s work.” Conversely, Desiree Stewart agreed with Jones but said: “She could’ve said it a little better because you know of her title, but other than that, I feel like it was fair.”

Recently, in her role as an attorney, Jones defended an anti-Trump protester in Houston charged with picking up a police body camera that fell on the ground and allegedly hid the camera in her purse, which Breitbart Texas reported. At this same demonstration, another woman described as a Black Lives Matter supporter stood accused of punching a Houston police horse. Said Jones to Judge Jim Wallace: “No one hit a horse and no one hi[d] a camera,” KHOU reported. “They had a First Amendment right to protest. I think this is the first indication of what’s going to happen with the new president.”

In August, Jones, in her capacity as a Houston ISD board member, voted to approve the district spending nearly $1.25 million of the taxpayers’ dollars to rename eight district schools with politically correct names that erase all historical traces of the Confederacy. This financial decision came despite the school district’s $107 million shortfall even after they borrowed $212 million to fill a gap in their 2012 $1.9 billion bond, the largest school bond in Texas history.

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