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Houston Schools Go ‘Sanctuary’

The board of trustees for the Houston Independent School District, the largest district in Texas, passed a “sanctuary” schools resolution written in carefully worded language, although it takes a swipe at Governor Greg Abbott and “anti-sanctuary” legislation.

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2 Houston Teachers Accused of Molesting Young Students

Teacher sexual misconduct continues to impact Texas schools. In Houston, officials charged a kindergarten teacher with molesting a five-year-old girl. Nearby, police continue to investigate accusations that a substitute teacher kissed and improperly touched first graders at another elementary school.

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Taxpayers Slam Multi-Million Dollar Plans to Rename Houston Schools

Outraged taxpayers, parents, alumni, and community watchdog groups held a press conference at the Houston Independent School District offices Wednesday to protest the school board’s plans to spend millions in taxpayer dollars to rename eight schools. They feel the money would be better spent on the students.


More Texas Teachers Charged on Sexual Misconduct with Students

The number of Texas teachers charged with sexual misconduct continues to escalate even while school is out for summer vacation. June brought more allegations of educators engaging in this disturbing behavior that violates the trust placed in them to protect the state’s school children.

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Cash-Strapped Texas School District Dumps 7 Confederate-Tied Campus Names

Controversy erupted at the cash-strapped Houston Independent School District Thursday when the board of trustees voted to change the names of seven of its schools originally named for Confederate war figures. At issue is how trustees handled the process, which left many Houstonians feeling disenfranchised and worried about the astronomical costs associated with the name changes. Some may sue.

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More Texas School Districts Seek to Erase Confederate History

More Texas school districts seek to erase their Confederate history by rebranding campuses with politically correct names. This reality, sparked by the 2015 tragic, fatal shootings of nine black church parishioners in South Carolina, has only been exacerbated by images that surfaced of the shooter with the Confederate flag.


A Look at the Hideous Terror Threat Sent to Schools Across Texas

The Dallas Independent School District released the electronic mail threat received by staff on two of its campuses, revealing the hideous terror threat sent to schools across Texas this week, including the state’s largest school district in Houston. It was similar to the ones received by the Los Angeles Unified School District and New York schools.


Ahmed Mohamed: Next Stop Qatar

Ahmed Mohamed tweeted out yesterday’s Dallas Morning News headline, confirming a report that the family accepted an invitation to visit Qatar, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation for Education.

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Latest Texas School Girl ‘Cat Fight’ Ends in One Arrest

The latest high school girl cat fight broke out in a Texas high school on Wednesday and landed one of the girls in jail. The three-girl tussle came within a week of a four female fracas caught on cellphone, only this incident ended with one arrest and an injured school police officer.

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Texas Schools Jump on Bandwagon to Dump Historic Confederate Ties

Texas public schools are jumping on the bandwagon to shun symbols and dump historical figures that memorialize the Confederate South in a politicized push around the state that follows the tragic hate crime shooting of nine African-American church parishioners during a Bible study in Charleston, SC.