Psych Eval Ordered After Woman Jumps Out of Airliner

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

HOUSTON, Texas – A woman is undergoing psychological testing after she opened an airliner’s emergency exit and jumped out of the plane.

Passengers said the woman gave no indication that anything was wrong when she suddenly opened the door of a United Airlines jet and made a hasty exit. The aircraft had just landed on a flight from New Orleans and had not yet reached the gate, according to a report on KHOU.

“I look over and sunlight and I just see a figure essentially step out of it,” Hampton Friedman said to reporters. “And then I’m like what was that.” Friedman shot a video and posted it on YouTube shortly after the woman exited the plane.

The as yet unidentified woman jumped nearly 15 feet from the wing of the plane and took off running across the tarmac according to witnesses on the plane. She was eventually captured by authorities on the ground.

Her unorthodox departure from the aircraft left passengers worried she might have left something behind that could harm them and the aircraft. Law enforcement officials with bomb dogs quickly boarded the plane and found that nothing unusual was left behind.

Cathy Cole had observed the woman’s behavior during the flight. In a Facebook post she wrote, “A lady opened emergency exit door which she was seated next to and jumped off plane. Ran to terminal.We stopped short of gate waiting and she got the exit door open and jumped off onto tarmac! Several people said we have a runner before we knew door was open!”

“Now it turns out she was in NO at United desk. Paying cash to get on this flight,” Cole continued. “She sat in isle 1 row in front and across from me. She got up, supposedly to restroom and never came back but sat in emergency exit next to door.”

“Holy shamoly!” she exclaimed. “Exciting end to a great trip to NOLA!

KHOU reported that officials stated the woman will be released after the conclusion of neuropsychological testing.

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