EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mexican Senators Beat Trump Piñata, Chant Gay Slur

Trump Piñata
Youtube Screenshot

Left-wing Mexican senators celebrated the start of the Christmas season by beating a piñata of U.S. President-Elect Donald J. Trump while chanting “faggot” and other expletives.

The celebration took place in Mexico City where the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) held its yearly “posada” or Christmas celebration. The PRD is a far left party known for its populist measures and protest marches around Mexico City.

A video taken by one of those in attendance at the party shows the senators call for a salute to Donald Trump. In Mexican humor, “a call for a salute” is when one person asks the rest to shout out an expletive. In this case, the assembled group echoed the chant, “chinga tu madre”, calling for the President-Elect’s mother to be violated sexually. Many senators whistled the insult in lieu of saying the exact words.

Soon after, the senators chanted another insult, “Hey Faggot”. The expression is commonly used in soccer matches to distract a rival goalie.

PRD’s current leader, Miguel Barbosa, referred to the antics as “Christmas humor.” The Mexican politician said his party is strongly opposed to Trump and his nationalist message.

The luxurious posada by members of the PRD comes at a time when most Mexicans live on a minimum wage of approximately $5 USD per day. On the other hand, Mexico spent more than $362 million Pesos or approximately $20 million U.S. to pay the salaries and benefits of its 128 senators.

Tony Aranda is a contributor for Breitbart Texas.


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