40 Sanctuary Cities Pledge to Risk Federal Funds Under Trump

Chicago joins Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco in pledge to remain a "sanctury city" for immigrants, in defiance of President-elect Donald Trump, on November 14, 2016

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – 40 sanctuary cities which refuse to comply with federal immigration officials in order to deport criminal illegal immigrants are now risking federal funds with the incoming Trump administration.

The list of sanctuary cities, the majority of which have been declared such before President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory, and those who have declared themselves following his election were compiled by POLITICO in a new report about what is in store for municipalities unwilling to comply with federal immigration law.

The following sanctuary cities have reaffirmed their pro-illegal immigration policies:

Appleton, Wisconsin
Ashland, Oregon
Aurora, Colorado
Austin, Texas
Berkeley, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Denver, Colorado
Detroit, Michigan
Evanston, Illinois
Hartford, Connecticut
Jersey City, New Jersey
Los Angeles, California
Madison, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee
New Haven, Connecticut
New York, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Newton, Massachusetts
Oakland, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Portland, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
Richmond, California
San Francisco, California
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Seattle, Washington
Somerville, Massachusetts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Syracuse, New York
Takoma Park, Maryland
Tucson, Arizona
Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, four more cities have declared sanctuary status after Trump’s election:

Santa Ana, California
Burlington, Vermont
Montpelier, Vermont
Winooski, Vermont

Sanctuary cities under Trump face a massive issue, where they could see all of their federal funding stripped if the President-Elect follows-through on his immigration plans through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Under Trump’s plan, not only would he strip federal funding to sanctuary cities, but also build a border wall along the US-Mexico southern border, enforce E-verify, go after businesses misusing foreign guest worker visa programs and ramp up border patrol agents to keep Mexican drug cartels at bay.

However, officials in sanctuary cities like San Francisco, California have declared that being a sanctuary is “in our DNA,” as Breitbart Texas reported.

Likewise, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said “Chicago always will be a sanctuary city.”

In California, for instance, politicians are now eyeing a plan to turn the entire state into a sanctuary jurisdiction where illegal immigrants can be shielded from federal immigration law, as Breitbart California has reported.

With that proposal, though, comes billions of dollars that would be lost in federal funds to the state if Trump’s immigration plan is enforced.

In Philadelphia, millions of dollars would be stripped due to policies that allowed an alleged illegal immigrant child rapist roam free, as law enforcement failed to hand over the illegal to immigration authorities, as Breitbart Texas reported.

Even President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have said that stripping federal funding to cities refusing to enforce federal law is entirely doable.

“DOJ can take action against jurisdictions receiving grants when they are not in compliance with federal law,” Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) said of DOJ policies. “If jurisdictions choose to implement sanctuary policies that prevent them from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, they are putting their federal grant money at risk unless they change their policy to comply with federal law.”

Other cities, like Aberdeen, Washington, Baltimore, Maryland, Fresno, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Long Beach, California, Mesa, Arizona, New Orleans, Louisiana, Northampton, Massachusetts, Princeton, New Jersey and Springfield, Oregon, which border on the verge of sanctuary city policies have, have said they too do not plan on changing their policies.

There are over 300 sanctuary cities nationwide.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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