MS-13 Gangs Involved in Northern Virginia Murders, Say Police

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia – Alleged “gang activity” is responsible for murders in the northern region of Virginia, according to Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler.

Investigators are suspected to be pointing to the MS-13 transnational criminal gang after police found remains in the Holmes Run Park. Police reported finding other human remains in the past connected tied to MS-13 gang activity.

“I can just assure you that this is gang activity,” Roessler told the media during a news conference, according to WTOP News.

Police have not yet identified the remains, and investigators are awaiting autopsies to be completed, according to Roessler.

Just two years ago, police discovered two bodies in the Holmes Run Park. Officials tied the remains to the MS-13 gang, Roessler said.

“This problem is horrible,” Roessler told the media. “This is four murders in this park. Obviously, we’ve had other murders in the region in the past few weeks. This is getting out of control, and we need to stop it.”

Roessler, though, refused to name the specific name of the gang linked to the most recent remains, saying “not going to advertise for gangs.”

Last month, Breitbart News reported the Springfield, Virginia murder of a teenage girl, in which four illegal immigrants were arrested for their involvement, with police being led to the MS-13 gang.

Most recently, Breitbart Texas reported on 13 MS-13 gang members who were indicted on murder charges for their involvement in the deaths of seven individuals. 10 of the MS-13 gang members were illegal immigrants.

As Breitbart Texas’ Editor-in-Chief has reported, the MS-13 crime syndicate is comprised primarily of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

The United Nations classifies the MS-13 gang as an international street gang, which is loosely affiliated with the Mexican drug cartels, as they both conduct illegal immigrant smuggling into the U.S. and operate human trafficking rings.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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