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WATCH: Ant-Covered Newborn Found Abandoned near Texas Apartment

Toddler With Fire Ant Bites and Stings.
File Photo: Getty Images/Gail Shumway
Houston, TX

HOUSTON, Texas — A resident of a northwest Houston apartment complex made a startling discovery after hearing a baby crying. He and another man found a newborn baby covered in ants, abandoned under a bush.

“Bro…that’s crazy. Somebody left their baby out here…you gotta call 911, bro,” John Baldwin said in a video he shot.

“It’s like they just left the baby out there like it was trash,” Baldwin told reporters from KTRK ABC13.

Another witness, Albert Peterson told the reporter, “I heard like a baby, like a cat cry, like, meow…”, and then told his wife to call 911.

The two men found the baby, still covered in afterbirth, just outside their apartments. The baby was covered with ants.

“I saw ants and stuff all over. I picked her up, cleaned her off, put her in a sheet and took her in my house,” Peterson said.

Police estimated the baby to be about an hour hold when it was discovered. Investigators tracked down a woman who is believed to be the mother of the baby girl. No charges have been filed at this time.

Child Protective Service officials will work to place the baby girl with a relative or close family friend for now. It is possible the child could possibly be put up for adoption.

Police said the two men likely saved the little girl’s life. “I just did my job. That’s what God wanted me to do,” Baldwin told the reporter.

Texas law does allow a person to legally give up a child. To do so, under the state’s Safe Haven law, the parents must leave the child someplace safe, like a fire station or a hospital.

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