Mexican National Accused of Sex with Fence Skips Bail in Sanctuary County

Eliodoro Estala
Travis County

A Texas judge issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of having sex with a chain link fence after the suspect failed to appear in court last week and face the consequences of his allegedly lewd public conduct.

Travis County authorities believe the suspect, Eleodoro Sierra Estala, may have skipped town, according to the Houston Chronicle.

On March 1, Austin police charged Estala, 32, with a Class B misdemeanor for indecent exposure after receiving a phone call from a woman who claimed she saw a man walk out to the chain link fence that separated their two apartment properties and urinate on it. This witness, Diana Vazquez, told detectives she found his action offensive, grabbed her cell phone, and began to film him from inside her apartment, but what happened next she likely never expected.

The police report stated that Estala saw Vazquez filming through the window of her duplex apartment. He responded by taking his clothes off. Then, he allegedly “put his mouth inside the chain link fence and stuck his tongue out moving it up and down,” simulating oral sex in behavior described by Vazquez “eating out the fence,” according to the arrest warrant obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The witness did not mince words, telling police she then observed Estala “stick his erect penis into the chain link fence” and start to “have sex with the fence.” She said it appeared as if Estala was confused and thought the fence was a woman.

Vazquez captured several images and videos of the suspect’s chain link tryst, which she later provided as evidence to officers for their investigation. Given the distance from which the images were filmed, shadows caused by the fence, a small camera screen, plus the fact the footage was recorded through an apartment window, Austin police could not clearly see all of the suspect’s techniques.

However, from that cell phone footage and Estala’s Mexican passport, officers could positively identify him as the suspect, according to the affidavit. They believe Estala knew the witness filmed him because, when reviewing the video, the police report stated that the suspect faced Vazquez’s phone camera to intentionally simulate oral sex and copulation with the fence.

The affidavit also noted that the suspect appeared intoxicated when walking out of his apartment complex and was confronted by officers. He acted uncooperative and denied he ever made a love connection with a fence. He claimed he “was inside his apartment.” Police took Estala into custody for the purported acts of public indecency. The judge set his bail at $2,500, which he posted. Given his disappearance, the Travis County court forfeited the bond.

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