MS-13 Gang Beheaded Victim — Cut out His Heart, Say Maryland Police

Photo: Montgomery County Police Department

A gang of 10 MS-13 members brutally murdered a Maryland man by stabbing more than 100 times, beheading and dismembering him, and cutting out his heart, Maryland detectives say. The victim has yet to be positively identified and police are asking for help from the community.

Court documents obtained by ABC 7 News in Washington, D.C., reveal the brutal details of the ambush and murder allegedly carried out by an informant and nine other MS-13 members. The attack is believed to have been carried out by the gang in early spring this year, officers write in the Statement of Charges.

The informant took police to the gravesite in a park near Silver Springs. Investigators exhumed the body and discovered the victim was decapitated with his heart removed. They threw the organ into the grave, along with the headless body.

Based upon information received from the informant, Montgomery County police investigators arrested 19-year-old Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego. The informant told police that Lopez-Abrego was the first person to stab the victim, thrusting a 15-inch knife into the chest.

Police are asking for help in identifying the victim. Investigators say the victim wore a gray sweatshirt with the words “First United Methodist Church Laurel”. Underneath, the victim wore a long-sleeve shirt and black sweatpants, and blue athletic shorts with the number “19” printed on the left side. He also wore a rosary necklace, police stated.

The victim is described as a 5’2″ Hispanic male weighing about 126 pounds. Police believe the victim may be from Annapolis.

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