Human Smuggler Fires on Border Patrol Agents in California

Border Patrol Agent Arizona
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents came under fire on August 18 as they attempted to arrest a group of migrants who crossed the border from Mexico. No one was injured in the incident.

As Border Patrol agents attempted to arrest a group of migrants in the Otay Mountain Wilderness Area on August 18, shots rang out from a gunman firing in their direction. Responding agents heard multiple shots and observed muzzle flashes from a second volley of gunfire.

“Smuggling organizations are becoming desperate and escalating their level of violence because of the work being performed by U.S. Border Patrol agents,” said San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel. “Our agents are preventing smugglers from conducting their illicit business and this is their very dangerous response. This callous display clearly shows that smugglers do not care about the safety of migrants or law enforcement.”

The agents took cover and were not injured as the gunman fled back to Mexico, officials reported. BORTAC agents responded to secure the area and search for any suspects or weapons. None were found, the statement reveals.


Four days later, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers operating a mobile scope observed an armed individual climb the border fence in the Otay Mountain Wilderness Area, officials continued. Two more armed men were seen operating in the same area the following day. BORTAC agents responded to both incidents but failed to find the gunmen or abandoned weapons.

“These incidents and individuals pose a significant danger to agents patrolling the area as well as migrants attempting to illegally enter,” McGurk-Daniel emphasized. “The safety of our agents and the safety of migrants remains paramount. We remain vigilant in the face of escalating threats and danger, and we will work to identify and prosecute the responsible parties.”


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