VIDEOS: Group Finds Still-Smoking Oven in Mexico Used by Narco-Terrorists to Incinerate Victims

Cartel Oven
Facebook Live Screenshot

Cartel terrorists used an oven in the Mexican state of Jalisco to incinerate an unknown number of victims. A group of mothers searching for their missing children found the still-smoking oven. The mothers tried to get government officials to help locate victims, identify them, and bring closure to thousands of grieving families in Mexico.

The group Madres Buscadoras de Jalisco shared a series of videos from the city of Tlaquepaque over the weekend. The videos chronicled their discovery of an oven where gunmen suspected of being part of Cartel Jalisco New Generation incinerated an unknown number of victims. The terrorist organization, also known as CJNG, has been making headlines in Mexico in recent weeks after the discovery of numerous mass graves and killing fields. The group is also known for its use of explosives to kill and injure law enforcement and first responders.

In the videos, the search group documented their arrival at the location and the discovery of the still-hot oven that appeared to expel smoke and ash.

The oven had been used at least two days before the discovery. According to the group, when they arrived at the location, a group of local police officers from Tlaquepaque arrived and began recording them. The group had been told they would not be getting police security and claimed to have felt intimidated by them.

Hours after the discovery of the oven, government officials told the search group that investigators would not be joining them because they did not find a full skull or a full torso, Mexico’s reported.

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