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GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Kill 17 Rivals in Mexico, Torch Their Bodies

Authorities in the coastal state of Guerrero are trying to downplay a shootout where at least 17 cartel gunmen died, and several bodies were incinerated. The mass killing comes as Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continues to claim to have decreased violence and ended criminals acting with impunity in his country.

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8 Gunmen Charged with Cartel Dismemberments in Cancun

Mexican authorities announced the arrest of eight gunmen in connection with the recent dismemberment of five bodies inside a taxi cab and three others left in a clandestine gravesite near the tourist hotspot of Cancun. The arrest comes as the region has seen a dramatic spike in violence, including the fatal shooting of a U.S. woman and, in a separate case, the kidnapping of a U.S. man who was held for days until authorities rescued him.

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Cartel Terrorist Throws Grenade near Border City School in Mexico

A group of Gulf Cartel gunmen threw a grenade outside of a school in the Mexican border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to distract authorities while one of their commanders tried to escape. The tactic failed, and authorities apprehended the local crime boss. The terror-style violence comes as Mexican authorities continue claiming the cartel-controlled border state of Tamaulipas is safe.

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Mexican State Cops Capture Gulf Cartel Boss Behind Kidnapping, Murder of U.S. Citizens

Mexican state authorities arrested a top leader within the Gulf Cartel who is ultimately responsible for the 2023 kidnapping of four U.S. citizens, where two of them died, last year in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. That cartel boss has been directly responsible for the spread of violence in the northern part of Tamaulipas but managed to avoid capture for a long time due to his ties to the top government officials.

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Mexican Government Celebrates Gulf Cartel’s Releases of 31 Kidnapped Migrants

Mexican authorities are trying to take credit for rescuing 31 migrants that the Gul Carte kidnapped last weekend. In reality, the criminal organization dropped them off at a shopping center so authorities could find them. The “rescue” follows days of negative press at the national level in Mexico, causing tension and pressure within the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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Cartel-Connected Mexican Mayor Running for Federal Senate Seat

A Mexican politician previously exposed in videos having breakfast with a local cartel boss is now planning to run for a seat in Mexico’s Senate. Despite being the target of police investigations for her alleged ties to organized crime, the politician publicly claimed that any negative press about her is a political attack because she is a woman.

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Mexico City’s Former Top Cop Denies Hiding from Cartel Threats

Mexico City’s former top law enforcement official is denying claims that he left the country over a planned cartel hit. In 2020, Mexico’s Cartel Jalisco New Generation sent four squads of hitmen to carry out a large-scale ambush attack that failed to kill that top cop. The attack left the law enforcement official injured. Two others and an innocent bystander.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Cops, Army Clash by Mistake near Texas Border

A series of investigations continue under the radar in connection with a confusion of sorts where Mexican Army soldiers exchanged gunfire with a group of Tamaulipas State Police officers. The soldiers apparently mistakenly identified the police as cartel gunmen. Government officials in Mexico tried to cover up the shootout, even though one soldier and two police officers were shot.

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Mexican President Wrongly Claimed Mass Murder Victims Were Buying Drugs

A state attorney general in Mexico revealed that the five medical students kidnapped and murdered by cartel gunmen were not involved in the drug trade and were simply spending time in a water park. The information contradicts previous claims by Mexico’s president, who tried to divert attention from the mass killing by claiming the victims were trying to buy drugs.

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