Camp CEO Kids: Business Summer Camp for 6-8-Year-Olds

Camp CEO Kids: Business Summer Camp for 6-8-Year-Olds

This summer one woman is offering a new kind of kids’ summer camp. While some youngsters are crafting, playing sports, or honing their science skills, the kids at Camp CEO Kids will be dreaming up products, making them reality, and bringing them to the marketplace.

Former news producer Stephanie Antin is introducing a new type of kids’ camp in addition to the number of themed camps her company My Kids Clubhouse already offers over the summer months.

Camp CEO Kids is designed to teach kids from six- to eight-years-old money math, logo and branding, product development, and customer service and employee work ethic. A flyer for the camp states, “This camp will be taught exclusively by the CEO of My Kids Clubhouse, Inc.” Four hours a day for five days in the summer the camp will teach a maximum of ten kids at a cost of $200-225.

Campers will earn and manage their own “Clubhouse Bucks” and will be able to spend their earnings in the Clubhouse Café at the end of the week, Antin explained in an interview with the Union Tribune. She also said “They will learn about taxes and charity” and that “Our kids are living in a very materialistic world of immediate wants, so maybe this will open their eyes to the difference between wants and needs, and show them how hard their parents work to give them the things that they have.”

While the idea isn’t completely new, other similar camps are geared toward a bit more mature age group. Camp BizSmart describes itself as “the premier entrepreneur academy for ages 11-15.” The founder of Camp BizSmart, Dr. Mike Gibbs, has experience as an industrial psychologist for many companies and has worked with General Electric CEO Jack Welch. The camp runs $1,480 for ten days and touts partners Microsoft, Cisco, and Google.