Neel Kashkari Angling to Become a Radio Host?

Neel Kashkari Angling to Become a Radio Host?

Neel Kashkari has been spending some time on the airwaves, both co-hosting and guest hosting on several radio shows, which has some asking if the Republican gubernatorial candidate is considering a career in radio if he doesn’t succeed in unseating Governor Jerry Brown in November.

According to Bay Area-based political tracking blog ibabuzz, Kashkari did his third guest-hosting radio gig in three weeks on KABC 790, filling in for Jillian Barberie and co-hosting the show for three hours with John Phillips.

The day before, ibabuzz notes, he guest-hosted the Chris Daniel Show (on News/Talk 580 and FM 105.9 KMJ), and on June 20, the John & Ken Show (on KFI 640).

Ibabuzz writes, “There’s no question that Kashkari is using these appearances for electioneering” and follows that statement by referencing the Federal Communications Commission’s “equal-time rule.”

They draw attention to the regulation’s requirement that if one legally qualified political candidate uses a broadcast facility, then all other candidates for that same office shall be afforded the same opportunity to use the exact facility to promote their own cause as well – i.e., Jerry Brown.

USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism attorney and associate professor Jonathan Kotler, who was interviewed by ibabuzz regarding the FCC’s equal-time rule – and Kashkari’s latest radio appearances – said that if he were the governor’s strategist, “I’d think the best strategy would be to ignore [Kashkari] because there must be a lot of people out there like me who have never heard of the guy.”

Kashkari’s name became well-known due to his involvement, as a treasury official, with the distribution of TARP bailout funds. He has gained a great deal of media attention, particularly following the release of a 30-second TV ad which targets Governor Brown’s approval of a $68 billion high-speed rail which he’s dubbed the “crazy train.” He also has a more personalized web ad which does the same.