Jerry Brown Solution to Border Crisis: Invest More in Central America

Jerry Brown Solution to Border Crisis: Invest More in Central America

Gov. Jerry Brown met with Catholic bishops in Mexico on Tuesday to discuss the controversial topic of immigration on a trip designed to strengthen trade and provide climate change solutions.

During his stay, Brown referred to the rise in illegal crossings of immigrants into the U.S. from Central American countries as a humanitarian crisis. In an interview on KCRA3, Brown said that the solution to the illegal alien problem is “not to scapegoat, not to make the kids into some threat that they aren’t, but rather to realize that we are linked inextricably to Mexico and Central America.” Brown appeared to downplay the illegal immigration upsurge, which has included a vast number of gang members, drug smugglers, and human traffickers, by grouping the lawbreakers into one innocuous category known as “kids.”

The governor insisted that the U.S. is going to need to make “investments” in Central America and will need to “work together” to solve the illegal alien problems. Brown demonstrated his desire to work together with Mexico by signing an agreement with Mexico’s top energy official that calls for the two countries to expand renewable resources with the goal of bringing them into California’s energy market.

Additionally, the governor signed a pledge agreeing to the exchange of university students between Mexico and California. He remarked, “There is a lot of ways to bring Mexican students, American students, and California students together.”