Local Fox Anchor Arrested for Shoplifting; Fiancé Arrested for Arson

Local Fox Anchor Arrested for Shoplifting; Fiancé Arrested for Arson

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports that a local news anchor was arrested for theft while in an unrelated case her fiancé was arrested for arson. Fox 40 news anchor Sabrina Rodriguez was arrested and charged with three felony counts of shoplifting while her fiancé, Nicholas Gray, is in jail on drug and arson charges.

On May 6, 2014, Rodriguez and Gray’s Sacramento home was ablaze; in the ensuing attempts by firefighters, one fire fighter was injured. The couple told authorities at the time that the cause of the fire was a stove exploding.

According to file footage from CBS 13, fire battalion Chris Ortiz said at the time: “The occupants were extremely lucky to get out. If they would have hesitated probably a minute or so they might be crawling out the back windows or we might be extricating them from the home.”

Gray was booked Thursday into the Sacramento County jail on charges of arson, battery, manufacturing meth, and possession of marijuana or hashish for sale. Investigators would not confirm the charges were related to the fire at his home, CBS 13 reports.

Rodriguez turned herself into Folsom police on Thursday; a warrant had been issued for her arrest. Stemming from an incident at the Coach outlet store in Folsom last year, Rodriguez is accused of grand theft, burglary and conspiracy. Rodriguez allegedly helped a partner steal $2,500 worth of wallets.

Fox stated that the station gave Rodriguez a temporary leave of absence. The station released a statement saying, “These charges relate to a personal situation with Ms. Rodriguez that is not related to her work with Fox 40. Sabrina maintains she is innocent of these allegations.”

Rodriguez posted the $10,000 bail. Her court date is in late August; her attorney claims she is innocent. Gray, whose bail was set at $600,000, has his court date on Monday.