Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty? Senate Has a Chance to Stop It

Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty? Senate Has a Chance to Stop It

After one of the most resounding election victories in recent history, the GOP establishment–not “leadership,” because there’s none of that to be found–has surrendered, granting an undeserved victory to an embattled, lame-duck president, whose policies were roundly rejected by voters. 

By funding ObamaCare and executive amnesty, Republicans surrendered their political capital without firing a shot.  What did they get in return? Nothing.  

Certainly, nothing they wouldn’t have gotten after they swear in even more Republican members, increasing their majority in the House and taking over control of the Senate.  

In November, voters did not fall in love with the GOP all of a sudden–they simply responded to a powerful strategy that put Obama’s policies on the ballot.  Given a chance to vote on these unpopular policies, voters weren’t shy. They resoundingly rejected Obamacare and Obama’s threatened executive amnesty.  The results were astounding, even in blue, blue California, where no-name grassroots conservatives–with no help from the establishment GOP–outperformed registration by staggering percentages, coming close to victory in seat after seat. 

Obamacare’s polling in California is abysmal. 45% of Californians now oppose it, in a state that’s only 28% Republican. That’s a lot of Democrats and independents who are concerned about its impact on their lives.  

And after the murder of two police officers by an illegal alien that everyone thought was a nice guy–the group to whom Obama’s amnesty would apply–more Californians are having second thoughts about a mass amnesty, even if it is called “comprehensive immigration reform.”  

Standing WITH the people against the political class is how the GOP emerged from the wilderness under outspoken Speaker Newt Gingrich in the 90’s.  When they focused on the issues that concerned voters and communicated their concern for the people effectively–think “Contract With America”–they won, and the GOP grew as a party.  

In the days following the election, all the pundits advised Obama to be contrite and heed the mandate of the people  Instead, Obama ignored them and said “it’s my way or the highway,” signing amnesty for almost 5 million illegals. 

The reaction of the GOP? Instead of digging in their heels and listening to the unmistakeable voice of the people to defund and oppose this constitutionally questionable move by the President, the House Republicans voted to fund all of it, without even picking a battle. 

It’s not as if they couldn’t have put forth a Continuing Resoluiton to keep the government open through the end of the year. That way there would be no government shutdown for the media to hammer relentlessly over Christmas.  

But no, the GOP establishment would rather be hated by the people who just elected them than criticized by CNN. How dumb is that?  

In politics, if you aren’t being attacked and called names, you aren’t being effective. And being singled out for taking a principled stand on behalf of the people is the fastest way to raise your political stock. 

That’s why I believe there may be a silver lining yet to come. This short-term mess creates a perfect opportunity for Senator Ted Cruz or Rand Paul to ride in on a white horse and filibuster this beast of a bill to death. Given the political landscape with 2016 fast approaching–and the presidential race the only real show in town–a hero could rise from the ashes of what was formerly known as the Republican Party.  

Stay tuned for some fireworks as this trillion-dollar baby heads to the Senate.