Public Donates Over $15K to I-5 'Hero'

Public Donates Over $15K to I-5 'Hero'

Tyree Landrum just celebrated what he is dubbing the best Christmas of his six children’s lives. Landrum was lauded for his “heroic” efforts when he rebuked Ferguson protesters that had blocked I-5 in La Jolla, California, keeping many workers like Landrum from their jobs.

Landrum expressed his frustration with one protester in particular that day, telling a University of California San Diego graduate student he was about to lose his job for being late. A nurse also on the freeway that morning yelled, “Arrest them!” and, “We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives here.”

The UCSD student, Marcelis Murial, later issued an open letter in defense of his actions. He did not apologize to Landrum.

One man, Ryan Fusco, responded in a different way, starting a crowdfunding campaign to provide Christmas gifts to Landrum’s children. The campaign’s goal had been to raise $2,000, but raised over $15,000 from an enthusiastic public. 

Landrum said he never could have given his children this much and thanked all who donated or even supported him following the freeway confrontation. 

As 10 News reports the man who thought his actions on the freeway that day could land him in jail is celebrating instead: “I never expected my kids would get the best Christmas of their lives.”


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