Firefighter Sex Tape Search Leads to Suspension of 16

AP photo/Nick Ut
AP photo/Nick Ut
Sacramento, CA

Sixteen California firefighters are on paid administrative leave after the estranged wife of alleged murderer and battalion chief Orville Fleming made accusations that she viewed a sex tape involving Fleming, his mistress turned fiancé, and other firefighters having sex on a fire truck.

The sixteen firefighters were subsequently put on leave for what were described as unrelated policy violations discovered during an investigation into the sex tape accusation, reports the Associated Press. Fleming’s wife alleged she viewed the tape in the midst of the criminal investigation into her husband’s involvement in the murder of his 26-year-old fiancé, Sarah June Douglas.

“The investigation has already determined that allegations of a sex tape are unfounded,” said California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokeswoman Janet Upton. Upton further conveyed that no use of prostitutes or other improper sexual activity occurred on state time or equipment.

Fleming was also a fire academy instructor in Ione, California, as the AP reports a majority of those put on leave were. Ione is approximately 40 miles southeast of the state capitol, Sacramento.

Fleming pled not guilty to charges of murdering his fiancé and awaits his next court date scheduled for March.

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