Billionaire Global Warming Disciple Tom Steyer May Replace Barbara Boxer as Senator

Sacramento, CA

Billionaire global warming zealot Tom Steyer may be throwing his hat in the ring to run for the California senate seat opening in 2016 now that Democrat Barbara Boxer is stepping down.

The 57-year-old hedge fund manager accumulated more than $1.5 billion as founder of Farallon Capital Management. He coughed up $74 million of that to back democrats who were willing to promote climate change agendas in their 2014 congressional and gubernatorial political campaigns.

According to The Hill , an anonymous source revealed that Steyer would run for public office if it could serve as a springboard to “advance the issues he cares about.” The Liberal Democrat is the purveyor of NextGen Climate Action,  a PAC dedicated to “bring climate change to the forefront of American politics.”

The source told The Hill, “My sense is that he will take a look at it and consider it over the next few days or so.” One thing that might stand in the way of the Stanford and Yale educated hedge fund maestro would be that he chooses to run for governor of California in 2018 instead.

Nevertheless, based on statements he made on Thursday, it appears that he is keeping his eye on the recent senatorial developments.  “Barbara Boxer has been a warrior for progressive causes,” Steyer said of the 74-year-old Liberal senator.  “Californians have been lucky to have her in our corner, and I know the best is yet to come.”

It is unclear what Steyer meant by “the best is yet to come.”