Nudists Angry Over San Francisco Ban, No Longer Nation’s Kinkiest City

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Associated Press
San Francisco, CA

Three nudists were arrested in the Castro district of San Francisco after failing to obey the city’s ban on public nudity.

Marking the second anniversary of the “body shaming” law a group of people in various states of undress gathered at Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market protesting what they believe are appalling anti-nudity attitudes.

SFGate reported that the protesters joined leader Gypsy Taub carrying signs decrying the nudity ban. Making the point that they are in hallowed company, one sign read that, “Saint Francis was a nudist.”

In a somewhat mystifying declaration, Taub stated that “If public nudity were an everyday public event, how quickly would it become obvious that most of us are not Miss America?”

Although some apparently feel engaging in public nudity is doing God’s work, others were dismayed that San Francisco lost its hold on being the most perverted city in the nation. “We used to be considered the kinkiest city in the country — and I mean that in a good way: sexual freedom, public nudity,” said Free Body Culture advocate George Davis. “Now that distinction has gone to Portland. This city is turning into Milwaukee with better weather.”

San Francisco police gave the protesters five minutes to get dressed or be arrested prompting Taub and her husband James Taub to remove any clothes that they were wearing. The two along with Davis were arrested and handcuffed by four police officers wearing blue rubber gloves.

According to SFGate, the police took them into custody instead of simply issuing citations because they did not have identification. Obviously, they had no place to carry it.