California City Plans Water Park in Mid-drought

Water Slide (Gordon Tarpley : Flickr : CC)
Gordon Tarpley : Flickr : CC

Despite the severe drought plaguing the state of California, the city of Manteca, roughly 75 miles east of San Francisco in the state’s parched Central Valley, has plans to build a giant water park. The proposed park, to be called The Great Wolf Resort Indoor Water Park, would need 300,000 gallons of water to function, according to CBS Sacramento. The park would be built by McWhinney Development.

Manteca Mayor Steve Debrum defended the city’s decision to pursue the project, noting that it could bring 400,000 visitors per year to the city and create hundreds of jobs, and would obtain the water it would need from groundwater. He added that the plans call for the park to recycle as much as 98% of the water it uses.

The city of Manteca claims that the 75,000 square foot park, which would be an indoor park, could bring in over $3 million the first year it opens.

Manteca has implemented a 25% reduction in water use for its citizens, and even requires new lawns to use only 25% of their area for grass, but recent data issued by the state reveals that the city’s water usage has actually climbed 25%.

Manteca had a water park from 1974 to 2004 called the Manteca Waterslides, built by R.H. “Budge” Brown, a local farmer. It was the first waterpark on the West Coast and the first waterpark to feature fiberglass slides.

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