Old Man Punches Bear in Face to Save His Chihuahua

AP Photo/James A. Finley
AP Photo/James A. Finley
Sacramento Ca

Legend has it that Davy Crockett killed a bear when he was only three, but he never punched one in the face. Carl Moore did at the age of 73. “The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born. And its mama’s already dead,” he said.

SBNation reported that in an effort to save his chihuahua Lacy from a bear who moseyed onto his property near Sacramento, Moore said, “I raised both hands in the air and I cussed at him: ‘RAWWR GET OUTTA HERE YOU [bleep],’ you know? He looked at me like, ‘Go eff yourself.’”

Moore claims that his friend Tyler saw him throwing the punch, prompting the bear to take off. “Tyler said I damn near corkscrewed his head,” he boasted.

John Sargent, a friend for 25 years and who works for Moore’s construction company, observed the incident. “Carl just smacked it. I couldn’t believe it… it was crazy,” he said.

Sargent told KTLA that he’s not surprised by what happened, pointing out that Moore’s an ex-marine, a barroom-brawler, a former boxer, and a bouncer in bars in Texas.

“He whips to the right and hit him with a right … it was crazy,” Sargent said. Moore admitted that “This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor.”

Moore said he’s never run from anything or anyone and is not about to start to either. “I’m not gonna sacrifice my babies, especially for some damn bear, he said.