Bush Ubers to Meeting With Techies in San Francisco

Jeb Bush
The Associated Press

Former Florida Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush arrived in San Francisco on Thursday as part of his latest fundraising binge, during which he met with members of the tech sector and reportedly fielded “tough questions” from those present.

According to SiliconValley.com, Bush took an Uber to the headquarters of a startup named Thumbtack, which connects users with local professional services.

Asked by a gay Thumbtack employee for his stance on anti-discrimination laws, considering Florida does not have any, Bush reportedly said, “I don’t think you should be discriminated [against] because of your sexual orientation–period, over and out.” SiliconValley.com notes that Bush added that just because Christians and people of faith might oppose gay marriage, based “on their conscience,” that “[i]t doesn’t mean you’re a bigot. It means you’re guided by your faith.”

Showing his support for the ride-sharing service industry, Bush took an Uber, riding “shotgun” to the Thumbtack meeting.

A customer service agent at the Los Angeles Yellow Taxi company told Breitbart News that passengers can request to sit in the front-side passenger seat of a taxi; otherwise, most riders tend to sit in the back seat. “If the driver is a nice guy, you should have no problem.”

Several online sites have written about the cultural phenomenon of riding “shotgun” in ride-sharing services, which develops a camaraderie of sorts between driver and passenger.

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