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Pew: Americans Are Changing How They Use Facebook

According to a report from the Pew Research Center, many Americans are changing how they interact with Facebook, with 44 percent of users aged 18 to 29 claiming to have deleted the Facebook app from their phone.

AP EXPLAINS: How Google search results work

Mainstream Media Circles the Wagons Around Silicon Valley

Numerous mainstream news media outlets came together Tuesday to defend big tech giants including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, in response to warnings made by President Donald Trump earlier in the day about the left-wing bias the Masters of the Universe display on their platforms.

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Trump Slams Google for Biased Search Results

President Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to condemn Google, criticizing the search engine as “rigged” for favoring liberal and establishment news publications in its search results.

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Peter Thiel: Silicon Valley Like ‘North Korea’

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel compared Silicon Valley’s one-party culture to “North Korea” in a speech to the Turning Point USA conference in Washington, DC, a gathering of conservative high school students.


Bloomberg: ‘Inside Google’s Shadow Workforce’

Bloomberg published an article recently discussing the issue of Google’s contract workforce — employees that are expected to work just as hard as everyone else at the company without any of the benefits, and reportedly outnumber full-time Google employees.