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Woke Vs. Woke: Uber Places Diversity Boss on Leave After Employees Freak Out over Event on ‘Karen’ Stereotype

Uber’s Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Bo Young Lee, has been put on temporary leave by the woke Silicon Valley giant following employee backlash over an event she moderated titled “Don’t Call Me Karen” which focused on the negative connotations of the stereotype about white women. Outraged employees felt the event minimized the experiences of minorities, resulting in the company announced, “We have heard that many of you are in pain and upset by yesterday’s Moving Forward session.”

Uber Diversity Chief Bo Young Lee

Study: Google’s YouTube Algorithm Recommends Graphic and Violent Content to Boys 9-14

A recent study suggests that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm may expose children to graphic and violent gun-related content, despite the platform’s content moderation policies. Researchers created profiles for typical nine-year-old and 14-year-old boys, finding that the accounts that followed YouTube’s recommended videos were faced with an onslaught of violent content including videos related to school shootings.

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google ( Carsten Koall /Getty)

Intuit CEO: Silicon Valley Slump Makes Tech Talent Easier to Poach

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi claims that the employment instability and uncertainty at the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe is making it easier to poach star talent in AI. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon that once seemed unshakeable have all laid off staff and cut budgets, leading some of their top employees to seek greener pastures.

Mark Zuckerberg frowning

Report: Silicon Valley ‘Riddled’ with Spooks from FBI and CIA

Silicon Valley giants including Facebook and Twitter are full of former members of the U.S. intelligence community, according to reports from Mint Press and the Daily Mail. These employees are often found in the “trust and safety” or “misinformation” departments of tech companies — the sections tasked with platform censorship.

Mark Zuckerberg (Drew Angerer /Getty)