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Software Company Basecamp Rejects Woke Capitalism

Software company Basecamp announced on Monday that it will remain focused on developing project management software, rejecting Silicon Valley’s wave of high-tech woke capitalism. A blog post from Basecamp’s CEO says it will not be participating in “societal and political discussions,” adding, “we are not a social impact company.”

Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Uber Driver Crashes into Canal – Customer Still Charged for Trip

An Uber driver in the United Kingdom reportedly drove into a canal and the passenger was still charged for the watery journey. After the accident received media attention, the Silicon Valley ridesharing giant later refunded the passenger who had to walk home from the accident scene through “not the nicest area.”

A customer scans Uber's ride-sharing app near a black cab in London where the company won a 15-month licence reprieve in return for changing some of its practices

Social Media Platforms Start Bidding War for Content Creators

A recent report from CNN outlines how social media platforms are now having to work harder to keep content creators and online talent exclusive to their platforms. Platforms are throwing cash at prominent content creators, for example, one pair of influencers recently received almost $30,000 for a single Snapchat video.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook creepy smile

Facebook Censors News Content in Australia ‘With a Heavy Heart’

Facebook announced on Wednesday that “with a heavy heart” it will be banning Australian media outlets and censoring users within the country from sharing or viewing news articles on its service. The move comes in response to a potential Australian law that would force Google and Facebook to pay news publishers for their content.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg closeup

Pinkerton: A Bad Romance — How Republicans Fell Out of Love with Big Tech

The Republican romance with Big Tech didn’t work out as planned. The Big Techsters, confident of kneejerk Republican support for low taxes and deregulation, were free to follow their bliss on avant-garde woke social issues. In other words, the GOP was safeguarding Big Tech, while the Techsters, taking Republicans for granted, acted like good Democrats.  

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Welcomes Big Tech to Florida

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, is welcoming top executives in the tech world who are moving their companies to his city. Suarez said that tech executives and workers have been won over by his telling them, “Hey, we want you, hey, we appreciate you.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez speaks during a news conference regarding local efforts to support the Venezuelan democracy movement, at Miami City Hall, Monday, July 22, 2019, in Miami. The City of Miami will host a 5K run July 28 to raise money for the movement. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Twitter Buys Out ‘Breaker’ Podcast App to Expand Audio Features

Twitter recently acquired the social broadcasting app Breaker as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its audio features. Breaker, a podcast app, gained steam after becoming one of the first podcast platforms on which users could comment and follow their friends. Breaker’s functions will be incorporated into a product called Twitter Spaces.

CANNES, FRANCE - JUNE 21: Co-chair / founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey attends the ' #SheInspiresMe: Twitter celebrates female voices & visionaries ' Event at Cannes Lions on June 21, 2017 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images for Twitter)

Slack Suffers Massive Outage on First Workday of 2021

The popular digital workplace service Slack recently suffered an outage on the first full workday of 2021. Companies that rely on the platform to manage their remote work activities were left unable to connect to the service for most of the day on Monday.

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