Couple Claims Delta Lost Cat at San Diego Airport

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San Diego, CA

“Mikey” the cat has gone missing at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field after a couple dropped him off with Delta Airlines before a trip to Baltimore, Maryland.

Allain and Lucinda Armean say airport workers did not properly secure the feline’s crate, according to local ABC affiliate 10 News. Mrs. Armean received a call that the cat had been lost just an hour after Mikey was left with the Delta cargo office on Friday evening.



Mikey’s guardian, the couple’s niece, told the news outlet over Skype that she is very distraught and fears for her cat’s safety. Aaliyah Laguna said, “I miss him always being right there to comfort me. He really means a lot to me and I love him more than anything.”

The Armeans have set up traps and continue to hold out hope that the kitty will be recovered.

In June a cat was lost during a layover at Georgia’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 11 Alive News reported that the cat’s owner called the airport, only to be told that her cat’s carrier had fallen and been damaged. The cat had been seen running away at the airport. Thankfully the hairless breed was found within days.

Back in April, Felix the cat was lost at the JFK airport after a 14-hour flight from Abu Dhabi when his airline-approved carrier was damaged and he escaped. The cat was not found for two weeks, according to the Daily Mail. After thinking their beloved kitty was gone for good, Felix’s owners expressed elation over word that their Felix had been found.

Bogie the cat was lost for 19 months after his family moved from Michigan to Hawaii. He had been lost when he escaped his kennel on a United cargo flight, according to Fox News. Bill Antilla, a volunteer with a Hawaiian spay and neuter nonprofit, found Bogie during his regular feedings of local stray cats. It was Bogie’s friendly demeanor that sparked Antilla to look into whether he belonged to someone.

San Diego’s Lindbergh Field airport was the first in the nation to install an indoor, enclosed “pet relief” bathroom, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. The move drew national attention to the airport as pet friendly.

As of the last update, the hunt for Mikey continues.

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